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Over years of hiring only the best, most experienced Disc Jockeys, we realized that the best in our business come from all walks of life from successful entrepreneurs, to those who work in offices, to tradesmen, and to salesmen! You never know who will be the next talented DJ/MC to take up this business. For many, DJ work, is a profitable fun hobby, to others this is a full time occupation either way being good at doing it involves a commitment to knowing the music, traditions, expectations and overall needs of the customer!

At DEE DEE JAYS we have found that southern Ontario is complimented by a large ethnic diversity! Almost without realizing it, we have, in seeking only the best in our business, compiled the most ethnically diverse staff of any Disc Jockey service in the region. We can provide our services in more than 20 different languages if needed.

All of our DJs carry a minimum of 15,000 selections of mainstream music and if you want music, a little or a lot, from any ethnic background just let us know! We want to make sure that you and every one of your guests has the best time at your reception.


Music Selections From Around The World

Your Music Programme using any one of our Disc Jockeys can incorporate some Cultural Music, Traditional & Modern. International Music we have available includes West Indian, East Indian (Punjabi, Hindi, Pakistani, Shrilankin etc.), Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic (Egyptian, Palestinian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese etc.), Greek, Macedonian, French, Filipino, Portuguese, Italian, Jewish, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), African, Korean, Vietnamese, Yugoslavian, Persian and so on. If you have ethnic music you would like played we welcome any favorites that you have in your collection that you would like to offer to be played (not a necessity).



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