Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?
We do have a Quality of Service Guaranty that is in writing and that we stand behind 100%. We micro manage our events so we are only a phone call away from any event any time. If a refund is ever requested it would be made at our discretion
(beyond our written Guaranty)

Do you specialize in a specific genre of music?
We are a full service DJ company with 30 different DJs representing from Christian music to Rave music to Mitzvah music to Mainstream. Any of our DJs may specialize in certain genres of music or cultural music from around the World but all bring about 15,000 titles to every booking representing the best in party music

How are you different from other disc jockeys?
We have been around since 1965 and have performed more than 55,000 nights of great music for many happy clients who usually call us back for more!! We also emphasize the experience, compatibility, talent & style of our DJs over the bells & whistles that a lot of services tend to make most important.

Can I provide my own music?
You are welcome to provide or request all the music that is played at your Wedding or Event as long as your guests are made aware that the music programme is of your choosing. We suggest a balance of 33% your Requests, 33% guest Picks and 33% from our Expert DJ/MC

What is your standard attire?
Our attire is at your choice! However left up to us our DJs wear dress pants, shirt, tie, jacket for the men and dress or pant suit for the women! Tuxes only when requested, we would hate to upstage the Groom.

Do you have back-up equipment in case of failure?
We have back-up equipment on hand at all times! We also have 1 DJ stand by for every 5 we have working on any night! Surprise or not DEE DEE JAYS Disc Jockeys has never not performed when we have been booked!

What is your experience? How many events have you done?
DEE DEE JAYS has provided over 55,000 nights of music. We have exceeded 20,000 Weddings alone since 1965. Back then competition was scarce and DJs were a new "in" thing so we handled a large volume of Weddings & Events.

What are your qualifications? Have you been professionally trained or certified?
We certified, with the Government, the FIRST ever School for Disc Jockeys in Canada (Probably North America). We taught and trained about 15 DJs every semester (6 months). Today most of our DJs, KJs, & VJs come to us with experience and we check them on the job before we hire them. When it comes to working Weddings for DEE DEE JAYS a DJ must have a minimum of 5 years experience!

Do you take requests?
Yes we do take requests and we encourage your guests to make as many as they like. We do use our best judgment to avoid music that is not acceptable or unknown. Unless of course a client has made the request, then your wish is our command. Advance requests are Guaranteed to be on hand for play!

Are you insured?
We carry 2 million dollars liability insurance per event. We have not had a claim since 1965.

What are your hourly rates?
We do not have hourly rates! We charge per Event with an overtime charge after 1:30 am that is at the DJs option. Our price is based on Month of the Year, Day of the Week, Time of the Day, Number of Guests, Type of Event and Services Provided. So if you are getting married on a Tuesday afternoon in January CALL US, you will get a Great Deal we Promise.

Will you also be the Master of Ceremonies (MC)?
All of our DJ/MCs are Microphone trained, and good public speakers. They sound Experienced and Clear over the sound system and will give your announcements a Professional Quality.

Do you require a deposit? What is your cancellation policy?
We do require a Deposit of 1/3 of the booked amount and the balance to be paid on or before the Date Booked. The Deposit is non-refundable but it is transferable to another date or even to a friend!

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